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Hotel MAKS HAUS is located downtown in calm and comfortable area close to the Central Shopping Center, as well as the railway station. Through the window of the cozy private residence you have a gorgeous view of the small houses of the old town. The hotel is just a couple of minutes walking distance from the local bus station, railway station, and the main traffic intersection. At our guests disposal are three categories of cozy rooms, as well as free parking. All these make your stay in the Hotel MAKS HAUS an amazing experience.

All 14 rooms are held to a high European standard. Each room is unique, and provide a welcoming, homely touch. The soft color scheme is created with natural materials, light fabrics, deep sofas, and wood furniture. The room price range from 3000 rur - to 4500 rur.


In order to enhance your comfort and relaxation, two saunas are available 24 hours at the Hotel MAKS HAUS. The saunas soothes your body, helps it to fend off disease and stress. The advantages of a traditional sauna are recognized all over the world. It has been recognized as a proven way to calm and relax your body and soul. Dry heat, essential oil, hot wood have the expressed medical influence, perfectly relax and return feeling of a peace of mind.

In hotel MAKS HAUS you can indulge yourself with good Finnish sauna, plunge into alluring cool of pool after the heated sauna, to be freshened by soft drinks or simply to pass away time behind a friendly chat in gracefully trimmed relaxing room.

69, Mayakovskogo Str., Samara, Tel./fax: +7 (846) 247-61-61, +7 (846) 247-60-30